About Graham Cook

Based in Stamford, I am a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach in addition to working full time in the corporate world.

Having worked for a large global organisation for nearly 10 years, I decided to become a Personal Trainer. Being a regular ‘gym goer’ with an interest in the fitness industry, I regularly became frustrated with the sprouted myths heard daily in the gym, in the office or plastered across the internet and social media.

I am passionate about sharing with others my knowledge on how to achieve sustainable results.

graham cook in stamford

As a Personal Trainer working full time, I am able to understand the diversity of daily commitments, meaning time is of an essence. I also have an awareness of the importance of flexibility and the personal satisfaction of having an enjoyable, balanced lifestyle.

Due to this, my primary focus is on supporting individuals on a 1:1 basis and building a personalised program around each unique lifestyle; a focus that advocates a tailored program with emphasis on consistency and sustainability.

The ethos I work from first and foremost is trust. My priority here lies with supporting and delivering sustainable results in an environment that fosters self-belief, and through working together a platform can develop for each individual to achieve their goals in an un-pressured setting.

I am wholly independent and not sponsored; any advice or products shared or suggested are based on personal recommendation due to having used them myself. At no time is this for personal financial gain.

I offer personal training within the gym, outside or at your home. To find out more about this please visit my personal training page.

In addition to Personal Training I offer a range of nutritional packages.

For more information or any questions please contact me directly.

Personal Trainer | Nutrition Coach | L1 Football Coach | Assistant Athletics Coach