Blog numero uno

graham cook

So, I guess this now makes me a ‘Blogger’!

What these ‘Blogs’ are going to be based around is not ‘my day’ or ‘what ‘Ive been up to’ as - in short - you’ll be thoroughly bored pretty quickly.

My blogs will be designed to share some of my knowledge and passion around exercise, fitness, nutrition and general health. Whether this entails simplifying something to make it understandable or simply dispelling some myths!
I have some blogs already planned over the coming weeks and months and some will be impromptu. I also want to hear what you want to read about; clarification on things you have heard ‘Is it true…’ etc.

There will be a new Blog added every other Sunday.

These blogs won’t be full of BS, secretly marketing a product or pushing what is believed to be fact but is supported by no evidence. Instead they will be a compilation of complete honesty and fact.

Gains & Vibes.