Carbohydrates are often seen as the ‘bad guy’ and in order to ‘get lean’, should be avoided. This is not the case. Carbs can be used to provide energy and also make up most of the meals we enjoy.

Carbs can be placed into one of two categories - simple (sugar & starches) & complex (fibre). They get this name from their structures - simple carbs consist of just one or two molecules & complex carbs consist of long chains of molecules. Simple carbohydrates tend to provide a quick source of energy. Complex carbs alternatively provide a less instant source of energy but for a longer period and are usually more filling as a food. 

As with most foods, the key is a good balance. This helps to provide the right nutrients for the body and thus helps you to achieve your aesthetic goals whilst also enjoying a variety of foods. 



Fruit (Fructose)


Milk (Lactose)


Energy drinks (Glucose)


Table Sugar (Sucrose)